Who Are We?

Call it a sixth sense, call it intuition, call it just really good at marketing knowing what will and won't work to reach people (plus over a decade of experience).

Meet the Team

Clare Alohi

The cosmic question, “who am I?” Since 2006 I’ve became two things: a mother and a business owner. Having worked for myself and raised kids over the past years, I’ve had time to contemplate what’s important and why I’m here. Why we are all here, which is to use our gifts for service to others. I have developed my gifts, the kind that deal with the nonverbal, non-physical, yet are very real. Call it a sixth sense, call it intuition, call it just really good at marketing knowing what will and won’t reach people. I’ve discovered that connection to what’s beyond the five senses, and it’s been guiding me. It guides you too. I don’t claim to know what you should do, but I do claim to be tapped into the field of consciousness that does. And when you’ve found it, it will spark a fire of excitement within. You’ve felt it I’m sure. I have found myself and what I love, which is being a channel and advocate for your freedom. For your dreams. For the highest version of you. And usually that means you are making your own way and working for yourself. Though I like to think of it as playing, not working 🙂

From a “professional” perspective, here are some bullet points to impress your left brain so it will more readily accept all of the above:

Clare Alohi and her two boys, Calvin and Colby

Melissa K. Hoy

I am a joy maker + a day dreamer + a night owl. My name is Melissa Kempenaar Hoy and I have a Midwest heart with a Pacific Northwest spirit. I wear many badges; Instructor, Artist, Manager, Strategist, but my most honorable is Mother. I have three children, two teenage boys and a pre-teen daughter. They are my why.

At Clarify Designs I’m here to guide + assist you in deciding which path will help you grow the most in your business. What’s your vision and how does our agency support your biggest dreams? I’ll be alongside you each step of the way.

In my free time I love exploring Oregon’s beauty. I also rearrange furniture and avoid laundry.

Here’s a peek into where I’ve been over the years and am currently; each enterprise bringing me to where I am today.

Holly Cullom

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I have been a teacher, writer, and learner for over two decades. With a Master of Arts in English and a background in writing, literature, music, theater, and women’s studies, I have a wide knowledge base from which to draw. As a college writing teacher, I’ve taught over 6,000 students to write skillfully and think critically, and my extensive experience in instructional design and adult learning informs my work as a content creator. As a writer, I’ve crafted brilliant blog pieces, interviewed movers and shakers, edited book manuscripts with surgical precision, and written engaging copy for ads and social media campaigns for a diverse range of clients.

An extroverted people person, I love meeting people and enjoy asking the questions needed to get you where you want to go with your content. I look forward to being part of the team that will help you achieve your goals!

We are ready to believe in you so hard. How do we help you?