Your Visual Identity

AKA branding. As creatives, we roll our eyes phrasing like "branding," but if we can't think of another way to say it, at least we can offer you a unique experience defining your brand.

It really is the first step in the visual representation of your offerings both on and offline. It usually comes after your idea, the name, and the service or product you provide. Although not necessarily, as there is no exact science to it. Sometimes you get a great idea for a name and that guides your vision. Inspiration comes in mysterious ways. One thing is for sure though, that inspiration that has come to you, that’s what we use to start the branding process.

What does your brand entail? It will have your favorite colors, any symbolism that is special to you or that goes with the offering, and it will craft the name of your business, whether it’s your own name or the name of your company, in a memorable way. We can also come up with your tagline and mission statement. Finally, you’ll receive a comprehensive guide to putting yourself out there as your brand. We also include bonuses for social media profiles like an icon and imagery. Then if you like, we can develop business cards, postcards, stationary, and brochures.

Usually branding takes an initial “discovery” process. What does that mean? It includes asking a series of questions not limited to:

  • What are you providing?
  • How are you different?
  • Who are you serving?
  • Where are they located?
  • What colors do you love and what colors do you want to avoid?
  • What’s your big why?
  • What inspired your to start your venture?
  • What are your unique interests?
  • What’s your style preference?
  • Do you have a brand you already love? What about fonts?

Flip through some brands we created below:

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