For people interested in knowing more about why you should hire a sustainable graphic designer, check out this booklet from Design Can, Answers for Buyers of Graphic Design. This booklet is excellent for clarifying questions you might have.

For Designers interested in knowing more about why we need to change our methods, try this booklet by Design Can Answers for Designers.

Printers: (Soy ink + PCF paper + more) (Run on 100% PCW recycled/PCF stock) (a variety of products and affordable / choose recycled matte) (Green and Union printer) (Green and Union printer with a web press)


Recycled paper is available everywhere now at competitive prices. Even better, try a tree-free paper stock and see for yourself what the fuss is all about! Here’s are some online stores:

Online Stock Photography:

There are two kinds of online photography available: royalty-free and rights-managed. When you purchase a royalty-free image, you can use it anytime you want. Rights-managed photos are one-time use, and varies in price (usually more expensive). These are the ones I used the most, but just type in your browser “stock photography” and other websites will pop up. (varies from $1-$4, depending on size) (subscription or $2 hirez) ($2 or $3, depending on size) (Low cost too. The first one is always free…) ($1-$15. XXLarge images. Oh, my!) (The industry standard for RM and RF images)$1-$5 images)

Design tips: (The pantone-safe chart is a must-have!) (Great toolkit for designers) (A collection of tips by the School of Visual Concepts, Seattle. They say we’ve inspired some of the ideas on their site. How cool is that??) (Good information to have)