The deepest fulfillment is in serving others through your gifts and passions

At Clarify Designs, this is what we believe. If you’re not feeling this (yet), let’s create a plan to get you there. We help inspired (or not-so-inspired) entrepreneurs draw out their inner genius, what lights them up, so they can draw their people to them and create raving fans.

You are unique,
which means
you have
no competition

Hi, my name is Clare Alohi Bean. I founded Clarify Designs, a creative agency, in 2006, but since that time I have come to know that I am really a business intuitive. What does that mean? It means we all have a purpose and that is tied into the work we are meant to do on this planet. The reason you’re here. I help entrepreneurs get in touch with their authentic selves so they can offer their unique gifts to people who are meant to receive them. How? It’s not a science. We do practical things like determine your messaging, update or create your website, and dial in your branding. But we also tap into the global questions about who you are. We dig into who your ideal client “avatar” is. We set intentions. You have an inner genius that is meant to be shared with the world. Your people need you. We draw out that inner genius so you can draw your people to you in a way that feels fun and freeing. And because you are in flow, you get paid well to do it.

Me in my other happy place, besides Oregon - Kauai.

Take it from them:


You truly are a force of nature with innate genius. Are you ready to flow with the natural forces of life?